Interface VisOdomKeyFrameManager

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MaxGeoKeyFrameManager, TickTockKeyFrameManager

public interface VisOdomKeyFrameManager extends VerbosePrint
Decides when new key frames should be created and when an old key frame should be removed
  • Method Details

    • initialize

      void initialize(FastAccess<VisOdomBundleAdjustment.BCamera> bundleCameras)
      Resets the manager into it's initial state. Specifies number of cameras and their shape.
    • selectFramesToDiscard

      DogArray_I32 selectFramesToDiscard(PointTracker<?> tracker, int limit, int newFrames, VisOdomBundleAdjustment<?> sba)
      Selects frames to discard from the scene graph. The most recent frame(s) (highest index value) is assumed to be the current tracker frame.
      tracker - Feature tracker
      limit - Maximum number of allowed key frames
      newFrames - Number of new frames added
      sba - scene graph
      Returns a list of frames to discard. They are in sequential order from least to greatest.
    • handleSpawnedTracks

      void handleSpawnedTracks(PointTracker<?> tracker, VisOdomBundleAdjustment.BCamera camera)
      After the current frame becomes a keyframe new tracks are spawned from it. This passes in that new information