Class SgmStereoDisparity<T extends ImageBase<T>,C extends ImageBase<C>>

Direct Known Subclasses:
SgmStereoDisparityCensus, SgmStereoDisparityError

public abstract class SgmStereoDisparity<T extends ImageBase<T>,C extends ImageBase<C>> extends Object
Base class for SGM stereo implementations. It combines the cost computation, cost aggregation, and disparity selector steps. Sub-pixel can be optionally computed afterwards.

NOTE: [1] suggests applying a median filter. This is not done by any of this class' children.

[1] Hirschmuller, Heiko. "Stereo processing by semiglobal matching and mutual information." IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence 30.2 (2007): 328-341.

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    • process

      public abstract void process(T left, T right)
      Computes disparity
      left - (Input) left rectified stereo image
      right - (Input) right rectified stereo image
    • subpixel

      public void subpixel(GrayU8 src, GrayF32 dst)
    • saveScore

      public void saveScore()
      Extracts the score from the cost volumn
    • getInvalidDisparity

      public int getInvalidDisparity()