Class VisOdomBundleAdjustment.BTrack

Direct Known Subclasses:
VisOdomDualTrackPnP.TrackInfo, VisOdomMonoDepthPnP.Track
Enclosing class:
VisOdomBundleAdjustment<T extends VisOdomBundleAdjustment.BTrack>

public static class VisOdomBundleAdjustment.BTrack extends Object
  • Field Details

    • id

      public long id
    • visualTrack

      @Nullable public @Nullable PointTrack visualTrack
      Reference to the a track in the image based tracker if null that means the track is no longer being tracked by the tracker
    • worldLoc

      public final Point4D_F64 worldLoc
    • observations

      public final DogArray<VisOdomBundleAdjustment.BObservation> observations
    • hasBeenInlier

      public boolean hasBeenInlier
      if true then the track has been an inlier at least once and should be considered for optimization
    • selected

      public boolean selected
      true if it was selected for inclusion in the optimization
  • Constructor Details

    • BTrack

      public BTrack()
  • Method Details